Street Defensive Tactics

Australia’s First Full Time Krav Maga School and we are in Adelaide

We are Australia’s first full time Krav Maga school, are one of the leading self defence school’s in Australia (yes Australia) and we are in Adelaide. Our senior instructors are either current serving or ex military, police, correctional services or security personnel, all with at least 20 years martial arts experience. Few in Australia and no one in Adelaide can match that level of expertise.

While we specialise in teaching self defence to individuals, we also cater for those needing defensive tactics skills in a professional or work context. The standard techniques taught in self defence systems are generally not suited for use in such settings where there are strict regulations or codes of conduct on the use of force, where civilians or members of the public may be present as well as the ever present security cameras and smart phone video cameras.

Teaching Self Defense for the Thinking Person – Why Thinking?

  • Because we are about choosing the smartest option in response to any threat situation given who we are – not one dictated by our peers, our ego, the current martial arts fashion or by those who say we must have ‘attitude’ and deal out justice to anyone who threatens us.
  • Because those who attack others in the street target victims who are not as strong, are unarmed and/or are outnumbered. In order to survive we must outsmart, not just outfight our attackers.
  • Because every confrontation is different and as luck would have it almost always different to whatever we have practiced in training. We must think and adapt, fast and under pressure.
  • Because talking our way out or walking our way out of a confrontation is much smarter than fighting our way out.
  • Because the real challenge of a street confrontation is more psychological than it is physical.
  • Because we don’t care about being the ‘best’, only being the best that we as individuals can be.
  • Because we choose to think for ourselves and encourage others to do likewise.

Training ordinary people for extraordinary circumstances

Graham Kuerschner is the Head Instructor of SDT has over 50 years continuous experience in self defence and in that time has attained instructor status across seven systems and won titles in judo, Eskrima and kickboxing. As one of Australia’s leading experts on self defence he is regularly approached by the print and electronic media for commentary on the subject. Graham has been called upon to be a police or legal expert witness in a number of serious legal cases before Supreme Courts. He has also been a Contributing Editor to Blitz, Australia’s national martial arts magazine since 2002 and has a regular column, the “Tactical Approach” in each issue.

He was the inaugral Director for Krav Maga Global (KMG) Australia and New Zealand and was instrumental in introducing and establishing Krav Maga in Australia. In collaboration with Eyal Yanilov, Chief Instructor for KMG, he authored the Instructor Manual for all KMG Krav Maga Instructors world-wide.