I work security. How relevant is this to my job?

Very relevant. A number of our instructors have been or still are active in the security game. The training will complement and extend the material you would have learnt on your security course. We do a lot of stand-up grappling work given the background of our instructors and because a striking option for many confrontations, [...]

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Do I need to wear a uniform?

For the Intro Program you wear anything sutiable to exercise in. Barefeet are fine but non marking shoes (on the carpet) are better to get you accustomed to doing techniques with footwear. Students who have joined up wear the Krav Maga uniform (MMA style black pants with Krav Maga T-shirt). However, as this is a [...]

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Is the training suitable for any age?

Students must be 16 years or older. The training is not suitable for children and adolescents due to the level of physical training, the aggression drills and sometimes the language used in confrontation drills. Those under 18 years will need parental consent.

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Is the training suitable for women?

Women train in SDT and are always welcome. However women should note that training is physical, involves confrontation drills and at times involves grabbing contact with other students. However, be assured that SDT takes a strong stand against any form of sexual harassment. The specific motivation for women wanting to learn self defence is [...]

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