Intro Program classes are on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6pm plus Saturdays at 10am

There is flexibility as to when you can start but it is recommended that you start (ideally) in the first week of a calendar month.

On the day come in about 10-15 minutes earlier than the start time to give yourself time to find us, park and come in to check in.

If life gets in the way and you are unable to make your nominated time just flick us an email. No problems you can start at another day. We cycle the lessons so you won’t miss out on the material.

Click here to register for the Intro Program

The link will take you to our on-line system so you only need to enter your details once and we’ll have them at training.

  • The check-in code is for checking in system when you attend classes. It isn’t mandatory as you can sign in with your name.
  • Don’t worry about the need for a photo – we’ll take that if you join us.
  • The password is for our student on-line portal where as an Intro person there will be some basic information for you. Again it is not mandatory.

See you at training !

We are operating with Stage 3 COVID-Safe restrictions in place so the size of Intro intake is restricted based on the number of people and floor space. So please no walk-ins as we must manage numbers.